Our journey

Who we are

Delivering value and certainty for more than 35 years

From our proud Western Australian heritage, we have grown to be one of the largest diversified global mining services companies to offer both surface and underground mining solutions at scale. The Group has expanded over the past three decades, both organically and by acquisition, and now has offices and operations across four continents.  

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Founded in Kalgoorlie


Ausdrill purchased Tara Drilling

Awarded the Fimiston blast hole drilling contract by Roche Brothers


Purchased the assets of the Drilling Division of Seltrust Mining / BP Minerals International


Formed Ausdrill Ghana – operating in 5 West African countries


Commenced Operations in South America


Formed West African Mining Services operating in Ghana


Floated on the Australian Stock Exchange in February


Purchased the assets of the WMC Exploration Drilling Division in July

Purchased the assets of the Drilling Department of the WMC Kambalda based nickel and gold operations

Entered into an alliance with Eltin (now Henry Walker Eltin) to form African Mining Services (Ghana), a 50/50 JV company.


Purchased the assets of Major Drill and entered the specialised lake drilling market.


Entered into an alliance with Henry Walker Eltin to form African Mining Services (Tanzania), a 60/40 JV company.

Entered into an alliance with Stanley Mining Services / Layne Christensen to form West African Drilling Services a 50/50 JV company.

WAMS Freight changed it’s name to Supply Direct, to better reflect the global operations of the company


Purchased 50% of Diamond Communications in November


Purchased Australian Communications Engineering in July


Merged Diamond Communications and Australian Communications Engineering. Increased ownership of Diamond Communications to 75%

Sold share of WADS to Layne Christensen in July

Sold Queensland and NZ assets to Major Pontil in July


Purchased 50% of General and Civil, underground power installers

Closed all operations in South America


Formed Ausdrill Northwest Pty Ltd and purchased the assets of drilling contractor Drillex Pty Ltd

Purchased 50% of Remet Engineers

Acquired remaining 25% of Diamond Communications


Commenced operations of Drilling Tools Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Ausdrill Enterprises Pty Ltd) manufacturing company


Acquired remaining 50% of African Mining Services (Ghana)


Purchased 50% of Westrans Services WA a light engineering/maintenance company specialising in transport equipment


Formed Ausdrill Mining Services providing earthmoving services in Australia

Formed Drill Rigs Australia Pty Ltd, manufacturer and maintenance service provider for drill rigs, drilling support equipment and ancillary equipment

Entered into an alliance with Barminco Ltd to form African Underground Mining Services, a 50/50 JV company

Purchased The Miner’s Rest motel providing affordable accommodation options


Acquired remaining 50% of Remet Engineers


Acquired remaining 50% of Westrans Services WA

Purchased Synegex Holdings Pty Ltd, manufacturer of bulk explosives

Entered into an alliance with Tom Browne Drilling to form Energy Drilling Australia, a 50/50 JV company

Acquisition of 100% Brandrill by way of scheme of arrangement – issued 33.1 million shares at $2.13 per share


Capital raising to fund growth – issued 51.8 million shares at $2.00 per share; disposed of Westrans Services WA, Independent Components and Strange Drilling

Entered into the commercial minerals assaying business forming MinAnalytical Laboratory Services Australia

S&P Indices, the leading provider of equity indices in Australia, announced addition to S&P/ASX 200 list


Acquired 100% of the drilling business trading as Connector Drilling for consideration of approximately A$30 million

Achieved ASX market capitalisation of $1 billion dollars


Acquired the remaining 50% of Energy Drilling Australia

Acquired 100% of the Best Tractor Parts business for consideration of approximately A$165 million


Exited the DT HiLoad truck tray manufacturing business

Sold the Drilling Tools Australia business to Robit plc for $66 million


$100 million Capital Raising to fund growth in Africa

Issued 46.8 million shares at $2.14 per share


S+P indices announced ASL re-entry to S+P/ASX 200 list

Sold the Diamond Communication business

Acquired 100% of Barminco, a leading underground hard-rock mining contractor, transforming the Ausdrill Group into Australia’s second-largest mining services company

Ausdrill sells its Connector Drilling (waterwell drilling) Assets


2019 (August) AMS secures contract at the Sanbrado Gold Project in Burkina Faso

2019 (August) The Group rebrands from Ausdrill to Perenti following the acquisition of Barminco in 2018

2019 (June) Perenti wins its first contract in Botswana as part of its strategic expansion into tier one mining jurisdictions


2020 Perenti continues its strategic expansion as Barminco is awarded a three year contract at the Hemlo Mine in the Marathon mining district of north western Ontario, Canada


2021 Perenti consolidates its expansion into Canada with the award of a contract for underground mining at the Red Chris Project in British Columbia

2021 Perenti subsidiary AMS awarded its largest ever surface mining contract at the Motheo Project in Botswana

2021 Perenti launches idoba, its technology driven service offering

2021 (December) Perenti divests mineral assaying Business MinAnalytical to ALS for $43.6 million


2022 (May) Perenti divests oil and gas equipment supplier Well Control Solutions

2022 Perenti subsidiary Barminco wins extensions to its Cowal contract, its first ever contract in New South Wales


Perenti acquires leading global drilling company DDH1 Ltd and its brands DDH1, Ranger Drilling, Strike Drilling and Swick Mining Services making it one of the largest drilling contractors globally.