Sustainability / Inclusion and diversity


Inclusion and diversity

Our top priorities are to improve gender balance and strengthen psychological safety in the workplace.

We consider these priorities to be fundamental to the respectful, inclusive culture and diverse workforce that we aspire to.

We are committed to building workplaces that are safe, respectful, inclusive and encourage the contribution of diverse talent, unlocking problems solving and innovation that comes from people with different ideas, capabilities and experiences. 

We understand that our workforce needs to be reflective of the communities in which we operate and we have work to do.

To achieve our gender balance aspirations, we recognise that we need to develop specific programs to support the attraction and development of women at Perenti.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Roadmap provides a way to share our story with others about why our culture matters, our aspirations and the steps we take to get there.

Diversity and equality approach

In 2022, through a survey and series of focus groups, we heard from over 1,000 of our people based in Australia and came up with a Response Framework to make our workplaces safe and respectful. The Response Framework guides a multi year plan with work across four domains:

Whilst our initial focus is on improving gender balance and directed to Australian businesses, our longer- term goal is to leverage the capability of a workforces that is as diverse as the communities in which we operate.

Culture and inclusion working groups

In 2023, we launched Culture and Inclusion Working Groups and Action Plans across the group and in each Division and the Corporate center. These Action Plans have input from employees at all levels and are supported by leaders who are accountable to deliver the changes and monitor impact through regular pulse checks, milestones and metrics.

By the end of FY33, 33% of our entire workforce will be female, and 40% of our senior leaders** are female.

By the end of FY30, 40% of our Board and Group Executive Committee are female.

Position statement on eliminating sexual harassment

In 2022, we initiated our “It’s Not OK” diagnostics campaign and released our Position Statement on Eliminating Sexual Harassment.

We recognise that a safe and inclusive work environment is key to Our Purpose of creating enduring value and certainty. How we achieve a safe and inclusive workplace matters to us.

We never accept any behaviour, that is unacceptable or contrary to Our Principles, our Code of Conduct, our Inclusion and Diversity Policy or our Health, Safety & Environment Policy.

WGEA employer statement

At Perenti, it is simple, our people are integral to our success. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace where every member of our team is valued equally, regardless of gender. Our commitment to gender equality goes beyond compliance; it is embedded in our culture, principles and actions.

Perenti WGEA Gender Pay Gap Employee Statement