Sustainable mining

At Perenti, we recognise the critical role businesses must play in helping the world transition to a more sustainable future.

A future that demands more of us.

For our business to succeed in delivering on our purpose to create enduring value and certainty for all our stakeholders, sustainability must be embedded in everything we do.

Sustainability imperatives

These are imperative and critical to our success in embedding sustainability. They are linked and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are putting sustainability to work – by making it central to our contribution in helping the world transition to a more sustainable future. We care for our people and communities, value the environment and enable the energy transition, and we always act ethically and responsibly wherever we do business.

Sustainability priorities

We focus our efforts around five sustainability priorities across contract mining, drilling services, mining services and idoba divisions. These priorities include preventing adverse life changing events, creating safe and respectful workplaces, achieving gender balance, partnering with our communities and accelerating decarbonisation.

Sustainability targets

Leaders who drive the change

We undertook a materiality assessment to identify sustainability issues that are important to our business and our stakeholders. A Group Executive Sponsor has been allocated to each of the sustainability priorities and steering groups have been established to help coordinate and catalyse action.

Preventing adverse life changing events

portrait of Mark Norwell , Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Perenti

Creating safe and respectful workplaces / Achieving gender balance

Side-by-side portraits of Sarah Coleman and Gabrielle Iwanow, Perenti Executive team members driving inclusion and diversity

Partnering with our communities

Side-by-side portraits of Ben Davis and Cameron Bailey, Perenti Executive team members driving partnering with our communities priority

Accelerating decarbonisation

Side-by-side portraits of Peter Bryant and Raj Ratneser, Perenti Executive team members accelerating decarbonisation

Focusing on what Perenti can influence

Perenti aims to improve the sustainability performance of systems and processes under our control and influence. Importantly, there are several mining processes on client sites where we operate, for which we do not offer services or have influence to change.

Perenti does not design, maintain or operate tailings storage facilities for our clients. We recognise the potentially significant risk tailings storage facilities pose to the safety and health of people, infrastructure and the environment, if not effectively managed and governed.

As a mining services provider Perenti is not the mine site owner involved in the planning or approval phase of a mining project and therefore does not contribute to pre-mining activities such as obtaining regulatory approvals, developing an environmental and social impact assessment, resettlement, and establishing free, prior and informed consent. Avoiding and minimising biodiversity impacts of the mine is typically managed early in the project life cycle by our clients, who are also responsible for monitoring, rehabilitation and, if necessary, offsetting residual impacts.

The above-mentioned requirements are the responsibility of Perenti’s clients at all our locations. Perenti recognises the importance of these processes and acts in accordance with any regulatory approvals obtained by the operator, as well as the laws and regulations of the host country.

Sustainability Policy

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FY23 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2023