Sustainability / Community



We are committed to establishing open and trusting relationship with the communities within which we operate.

We seek to benefit the local communities where we operate, always demonstrating good citizenship and leaving a positive legacy. Perenti plays an active role in the communities where we operate.

In FY23 we established the Partnering with Our Communities Steering Group to define and drive our community engagement framework which addresses Indigenous Peoples engagement, developing practices that encourage local procurement and employment, and strengthening our human rights and modern slavery mechanisms.

Community engagement in numbers

We work hand in hand with local communities, engaging with community leaders and providing financial support to community empowerment projects.

percentage sign in Perenti Community colours

Community engagement stories

Through local employment, training and procurement policies, our mining projects create a significant number of high-quality employment opportunities and generate social and economic value for local and regional communities.

We support schools and education programs, community sporting teams and club facilities and women in mining and technology conferences and events.

In addition, we help local business development by providing working areas, tools and equipment, light vehicles and business training.

Indigenous engagement

Mining often occurs on or adjacent to Indigenous Peoples’ land and Perenti is committed to respectfully and proactively engaging with Indigenous Peoples in the regions where we operate.

In FY23, we formalised this commitment with our Indigenous Peoples Position Statement to ensure we continue to strengthen our Indigenous engagement practices across all our locations and build mutually beneficial relationships.