Sustainability / Safety



As a group of companies with a global footprint, we have an obligation to support and contribute to a positive industry change in safety, particularly through our expertise in underground hard rock mining operations.

In FY23 we established a Safety Transformation Taskforce and invited two world-renowned safety experts to work with us. The Taskforce supports our divisions to deliver further targeted improvements to our safety performance

Safety approach

The health and safety of our employees is an ever-present industry challenge. Working together, we can achieve our goals. Smarter together, safer together means:

We integrate safety into everyday business and operational practices. Planning and executing quality work to achieve positive health and safety outcomes remains a focus of all our people regardless of where they operate or what task is at hand.  Our obligation starts with Perenti’s commitment to preventing adverse life changing events and to keeping our people physically and psychologically safe.

Emergency management

Perenti is committed to ensuring we maintain a state of security, emergency and crisis preparedness to enable us to prevent, respond and recover from security and other events which may impact our people, the environment, assets, surrounding communities, business operations or reputation. We have adopted a holistic approach to the management of security, emergency and crisis-related risks, which is supported by a suite of standards and associated plans and guidelines.

Health, safety & well-being policy

We are committed to creating a culture of safety and respect, resulting in a work environment that prioritises safety above production and is integral to delivering our objective of no negative physical and psychological life-changing events.

The health and safety of our people remains our absolute priority and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our people are safe in the workplace.