Social Engagement

Sustainability / Community

Social engagement

Our mining projects create a significant number of high-quality employment opportunities and generate social and economic value for local and regional communities.

We are committed to training local talent to support the development of their careers.

Ten female truck driver graduates in Ghanzi with AMS leadership
Botswana ten female truck drivers who graduated from Perenti training centre, smiling and standing in a row at 45 degrees turn

We continue to actively encourage local talent to apply for positions and prioritise local applicants where possible.

At the end of FY23, 90.2% of our workforce outside of Australia comprised of local employees.

Social engagement and training local talent

We are also committed to training local people to support the development of their careers as well as building local capacity to capitalise on opportunities within the industry.

Perenti training center in Botswana
Perenti training centre underground environment
A group of trainees at Perenti training centre in Botswana