Sustainability / Electrification



The mining sector is critical for producing the minerals needed for a low carbon future, yet at the same time needs to reduce its contribution to atmospheric greenhouse gases.

We believe we must play our part to help decarbonise the industry while continuing to provide services that are essential for economic growth and provision of commodities that will enable decarbonisation. We are leading the way in decarbonising mines.

Perenti and idoba team at the IMARC Conference at Perenti booth in Sydney 2023

We keep reimagining mining since 2020, strengthening our capability through strategic collaborations with the industry leaders.

Perenti is an inaugural member (and the only mining contractor) of the Electric Mine Consortium, where we are taking steps towards decarbonising mining with the ambition to accelerate progress towards fully electrified, zero CO2 and zero diesel particulates mines.

Electrification and decarbonisation with Perenti

Only through collaboration will the mining industry be able to sustainably mine the resources needed to enable the energy transition. With our partners, we are taking the lead to de-risk the transition from diesel-fuelled mines.

We have been partnering with major equipment suppliers to trial and commission a full range of electric mining equipment.

Climate change position statement

Climate change is one of the major issues of our time, requiring genuine leadership from all actors – government, civil society and the private sector. We recognise that immediate collective action is needed in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

We have released our Climate Change Position Statement which outlines our recognition of the science of climate change and ongoing commitment to manage the risks and minimise the impacts associated with a changing climate.