Speak Up

Speak Up

Perenti and its businesses are committed to achieving and demonstrating the highest standards of Corporate Governance. We have a range of policies and standards that provide guidance to directors, executives and employees in the management and running of the Group’s operations.

We value high ethical standards of behaviour and in line with our principle, No shortcuts, expect honesty, openness and integrity in everything we do. Unacceptable, unethical and illegal behaviour impacts not only our company, but also our individual employees, contractors and our clients.

Our Speak Up campaign gives employees, and other stakeholders such as our suppliers, a range of options to report misconduct while providing anonymity and protection to the person reporting the misconduct. It is supported by our Speak Up policy and standards specific to the countries in which we operate and supersedes Ausdrill’s previous Whistle-blower policy and Barminco’s previous Whistle-blower procedure.

We have introduced a number of dedicated independent channels to report misconduct. These are:

KPMG Faircall

Alternatively, report misconduct through Perenti’s dedicated speak up protection officer; speakup@perenti.com

To find the relevant contact details for your jurisdiction visit our Speak Up standards page.

This confidential service should be used to ensure our company maintains the highest standards of acceptable, ethical and legal behaviours for the benefit of all stakeholders.