Perenti Strategy Briefing and Business Update June 2023

Perenti Strategy Briefing and Business Update June 2023

Perenti has provided an update on progress against our 2025 Strategy including a positive business update, the release of sustainability imperatives and priorities, an update to our 2025 targets and an updated Capital Management Policy.

Positive Business Outlook

As announced 21 February 2023, Perenti expected FY23 revenue of $2.8 billion to $2.9 billion, EBIT(A) of between $250 million and $265 million, leverage to be ~1.0x and capital expenditure is expected to be at $330 million. Perenti now expects FY23 revenue of $2.9 billion, EBIT(A) of between $260 million and $265 million, leverage of ~1.0x and capital expenditure of ~$290 million.

FY24 guidance will be delivered with the release of our FY23 financial and operational results in August 2023, however qualitative FY24 targets include:

• FY24 revenue will be in-line with FY23;

• FY24 EBIT(A) growth on FY23 EBIT(A);

• FY24 capital expenditure slightly higher than FY23;

• FY24 free cash flows will be stronger than FY23;

• FY24 leverage will be <1.0

Furthermore, Perenti has updated its FY25 revenue target from $2.5 billion up to $3.0 billion. All other FY25 targets remain unchanged.

Sustainability and Capital Management

Sustainability is fundamentally linked to everything that we do, and we recognise that in order to deliver on our safety and sustainability objectives and support further growth initiatives beyond our current service offerings, that an appropriate allocation of capital, above and beyond stay in business capital is required.

This capital commitment is aligned with our Purpose and is focused on ensuring Perenti is a sustainable business and supports industry and societal initiatives focused on sustainability.

The updated Capital Management Policy now formally allocates between 10% and 20% of free cash (free cash flows after sustaining capital, interest and taxes but before growth capital) generated by the business towards future focused strategic investments including to support progress on the delivery against our sustainability imperatives and new value creation initiatives.

Perenti anticipates that these opportunities will primarily see investment in:

• Technology and engineering solutions to more effectively mitigate and manage risks inherent in underground mining;

• Development of new services to support decarbonisation; and

• idoba product development.

Mark Norwell, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Perenti said, “This time last year, we updated our 2025 Strategy and since then, our global workforce comprising 9,000 highly talented, motivated, resilient and determined people have continued to execute on our strategic objectives and in many cases have outperformed expectations. With the end of FY23 only weeks away, we expect the positive momentum built up in FY23 to continue and are targeting for FY24 will be a third consecutive year of earnings growth, margin expansion and a strengthening balance sheet.

“In addition, an important component of our 2025 Strategy update last year was the introduction of our focus to embedding sustainability in everything we do. Today, we are taking this commitment a step further by outlining our sustainability imperatives and priorities. We view these as strategic enablers and a key differentiator for our business that will guide the work we do, underpin the future value that we expect to generate and shape the company we become.”